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VetAsk has been very successful recently and we hope that all of you who have had questions answered were happy with our service.

Our vet Samantha Coe is presently away, so will be unable to answer any questions at this time. We hope to resume the service later in 2008.

If you do feel concerned in any way about your pet, you are advised to contact your local veterinary surgeon for help and information.

Please register or log in before submitting a question to! Thank you.

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Sending Your Question to

How soon will my answer be online?

  • As VetAsk is currently being offered as a free service, we are unable to offer any guarantees, but we will endeavour to put responses to all questions online within 1-2 working days of submission. You will receive a notification email with a link when your question and answer has been published. Please note that while we will make best attempts to publish all questions received along with answers, it may not be possible to respond to every question we receive.

Why do I need to register before sending a question to

  • A completely open "free for all" system would quickly become worthless as it would rapidly fill up with automated clutter from "script robots" and worthless input from spammers and time-wasters, which would be no good to anybody and would defeat the whole object of

What are the benefits of registration?

What is the personal online pets area available to registered users?

  • By becoming a registered user, you can maintain details of all your pets (put in as many as you like) including information such as their dates of birth, characteristics, weight, species, whether neutered or not, along with pictures and other information. Over time, as we continue to develop the site, this will grow into a valuable resource for you and your pets, to enable you to make the best healthcare decisions possible for the animals in your care. This also enables us to quickly look at the species and other information on an animal to enable us to more effectively answer any questions you may have about a particular pet, without you needing to keep re-inputting the same information.

Keeping you in touch

  • Registered users can upload pictures of their pets and receive regular updates and valuable news and information from

Responsible use will build a valuable resource for everyone

  • By registering, a user enters into a commitment to use the site responsibly. will only be as useful as its content: the site has been developed with the intention to grow into the leading provider of online community-based pet healthcare advice - only by encouraging responsible use through a registration system will we achieve these goals.

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