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Dogs are great. They have a place in our lives as companions and workers. We have so many breeds of dog to choose from that it would seem a dog could be found to suit almost anyone. In this area of the web site you will find articles all about dogs. Their health, behaviour, nutrition and all sorts of other interesting topics will be discussed. I cannot imagine that this area of the web site will ever be "finished" there is so much going on in the canine world. Keep coming back to this section to see the latest updates.

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. Humans probably reared wolf puppies and used them for hunting since the earliest of times. Our present day companion looks very different from the wolf but when you look a little closer you will see that there are still many similarities. I find the behaviour of dogs fascinating as we become, for them, members of their pack and they behave towards us accordingly. If we do not properly understand this concept, problems may sometimes arise as we send inappropriate messages to our pet. If you occasionally try to understand the wolf in your pet's nature you will find a great satisfaction from doing so.

Dogs are interesting, loyal companions. They have a variety of functions in our society. They can assist the blind, the disabled and the deaf. They have been used for activities as diverse as mountain rescue to space travel and of course they have a huge role in our families as pets. Owning a dog encourages outside activities such as walking which keeps us humans fit and healthy. They are fantastic for anyone feeling lonely since they will provide their own form of companionship and will also encourage social interaction between people. (If you have ever taken a young puppy for a walk you will definitely understand what I mean.)

If you decide a dog is the animal for you think carefully about it. Owning a dog is a long term commitment (10+ years). They need exercise and stimulation as well as companionship to prevent them becoming bored and unfit. If given a loving home with all his basic requirements fulfilled a dog can definitely be a man (or woman's) best friend.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the dog section of the web site and find it useful.

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Questions Answered

4 week old pup (cat) (27-Jan-07 02:42PM)

Michelle asks: We have found out our sheepdog pup is 4 not 6 weeks old. What should we feed her? Will she be ok? ... view

walks (dog) (16-May-07 10:16PM)

Patricia asks: How many times should a small dog go out for a walk? ... view

Cat Dribbling (A Lot) (cat) (22-Sep-07 12:29PM)

Steve asks: I have noticed today that everywhere my cat has been sitting is a damp patch. He is dribbling all the time at the moment and hasn't eaten properly this morning. This ... view

found cat drooling, vomiting (cat) (01-Jul-07 01:53AM)

Lisa asks: We found a cat under our deck. Our dogs cornered it and when we pulled it out from the deck, it was drooling and its fur was wet. It ... view

Behaviour change and self harming (cat) (01-Feb-07 10:01PM)

Karen asks: We've just moved house last week. Blacky has always been a very brave, inquisitive and loving cat. Since we started packing up boxes and actually moving his behaviour has become a ... view

Behavioural problems (dog) (26-Jan-07 10:03PM)

Anjela asks: I am finding it really hard to train Mini she will sit but thats about it, just when I think were getting somewhere she will keep us up all night barking. ... view

wees when excited (dog) (17-Oct-07 04:57PM)

Sheila asks: Lulu is only 6-months old and wees quite a lot when she's excited, which being a happy puppy means most of the time. What can I do to stop this? ... view

Cat Breaking Window Blinds (na) (16-Sep-07 01:34AM)

MrWhiskers asks: Please help. My one and a half year old cat likes to get in each of my window sill blinds to look outside and such, and at first it was okay ... view

Aggression towards us and agitation (cat) (01-Mar-07 11:22PM)

Sally asks: Our cat Max has recently started to get very agitated and threatening if we do things like sweep the terrace. He is very vocal generally but lately seems disoriented and agitated. ... view

dog chewing his leg (dog) (26-Feb-07 09:53PM)

Colin asks: My dog will not stop chewing at one of his rear legs. He has broken the skin. I had a 'lampshade' on him for about 3 weeks at a ... view

biting tail (dog) (02-Jul-07 11:37PM)

Janette asks: He is biting his tail next to his bottom, it might be itchy; can't stop it can you help? ... view

black marks (aquatic) (25-Feb-07 03:25PM)

Diane asks: Black marks have recently appeared on my blood red parrot fishes fins and tail he seems healthy this has happened suddenly there is also a black mark on mouth. ... view

dirty eating habit (dog) (29-Jul-07 12:30AM)

Carrie asks: What would be the reason my nine month old yellow lab would eat her own poop? On occasion I catch her doing her business, turning around and eating it. We also ... view

behaviour (dog) (31-Oct-07 12:54PM)

Debby asks: Hi Max is very lively of course but he seems to get very excited and bites the children, not hard or breaking the skin but nevertheless painful. He has all his ... view

dog pup keeps eating own poo (na) (09-Feb-07 03:58PM)

Paul asks: 5 month old akita, have tried medication, still doing it. ... view

Fleas and skin problem (na) (26-Oct-07 01:26AM)

Joanne asks: I have two cats, a neutered tom and his sister. They are 6 and a half yrs. old. They have never been outdoors. A few days ago I was ... view

Arthritis (na) (25-Feb-07 02:19PM)

Sheila asks: Bonnie, Our 10yr old jack russell had pancreatitis a few years ago but is OK now. If I give her Metacam from the vet for her arthritis, is it likely ... view

Moving cat (cat) (18-May-07 08:04AM)

Maria asks: My cat is 16 years old and very attached to me. He has a very timid nature when it comes to other people. I got married 10 months ago ... view

fear period (dog) (28-Jan-07 06:21PM)

Nicola asks: My 9 month old staffy had a frightening experience on her lead about a month ago. Since then she gets very stressed whenever I get the lead out. She's completely changed ... view

Losing fur under belly (cat) (11-Feb-07 09:47AM)

Dave asks: Hi, my cat looked like it had either had its body caught up in something or had a wound. I noticed in the last few days the area under her ... view

Your Questions Answered

Injured Wild Owl 30-Nov-07

Kelly asks: I found an owl this morning, very small but adult. It flew into a power line. It's still alive. ... view

swollen hind leg 20-Nov-07

Zshai asks: I have a 6-day-old bunny who has a swollen hind leg. I saw her mama step on her but ... view

Sick syrian hamster 08-Nov-07

Sara asks: Hi. My syrian hamster is 2 and half yrs. old. The last 24 hrs I have noticed a big ... view

lack of sleep 07-Nov-07

Bill asks: We have a 14 month old Yorkshire terrier, which goes to bed at around 6.30pm, because I have MS ... view

wet tail 06-Nov-07

Evelyn asks: Can a young hamster be successfully treated for wet tail and what would it roughly cost? ... view

Alfie 06-Nov-07

Elaine asks: Hi Sam Thank you. Alfie has no feeding time he just has food in his bowl when he wants it ... view

Guarding problem 05-Nov-07

Elaine asks: Alfie is a terrible guarder and will take your hand off if you try and retrieve an object he ... view

White Gums and Dark Stool 02-Nov-07

Leslie asks: My 8 week old American Bulldog has really white gums, around the eyes is also white. She has dark ... view

Dog's Health 01-Nov-07

William asks: My dog is around 11 years old, possibly older (we received her as she was taken from a bad ... view

behaviour 31-Oct-07

Debby asks: Hi Max is very lively of course but he seems to get very excited and bites the children, not ... view

Blood in dog's stools 31-Oct-07

Lee asks: Hi. We recently got a 3 year old Labrador from a friend. From what we can see she has ... view

upset stomach 30-Oct-07

kat asks: About three days ago my dog started acting like she was sick; diarrhoea and vomiting along with excessive sneezing ... view

Blood in Poo 28-Oct-07

Mandy asks: Treacle is now 9 wks old and had her first vaccination two days ago. I have noticed that at ... view

neutering 27-Oct-07

ashen1956 asks: 3 days ago Molly-Mae gave birth to 5 kittens. How long should I wait before having her neutered and ... view

Ordering Insulin Online 26-Oct-07

Purdie asks: Purdie is diabetic and I'm keen to find a way of reducing the cost of the treatment. Currently ... view

Fleas and skin problem 26-Oct-07

Joanne asks: I have two cats, a neutered tom and his sister. They are 6 and a half yrs. old. They ... view

My cat has a hole in its stomach! 23-Oct-07

Sarah asks: My cat has a hole the size of a dime in its stomach. He doesn't seem to be ... view

labrador vomiting bile and nearly passing out 22-Oct-07

Paul asks: Hi there - our five year old male labrador is generally in very good health - excellent appetite, plenty ... view

Guinea pig fits 22-Oct-07

Renate asks: My guinea pig is acting strange. I've only had him around a week and he's running as if spooked ... view

feeding 22-Oct-07

Terry asks: Is it safe to feed my GSD raw chicken wings, he is 16 months old and is 37 kg? ... view

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